Ancient Egypt was the inspiration for this Egyptian-themed theater – from the colors selected to the hieroglyphics and symbols used on the wall murals and in the carpet design.

Spacing of wall panels and pilasters was difficult due to the locations of the speakers which were not installed where originally planned. The large oval and curved pop-up was also a challenge. Designers wanted to create a unique ceiling and also needed to conceal the seams in the sheetrock that were not taped and floated correctly. In addition, the client never provided a budget; things were approved one stage at a time.

The wall panels were designed around the speakers and the concealed pilaster locations. A pair of free-standing draped pedestals topped with gold leaf sphinx flank the screen wall. The designers accommodated the clients seating request with low seats on two rows. The ceiling is intended to be the wow factor in the overall design.

The designers wanted something truly different so they decided to have a 3-D Scarab. However, the height was a challenge. A stage set artist carved the Scarab from styrofoam and suspended it from the ceiling. The Scarab motif is also seen in the carpet design and is relevant to Egyptian history.

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