Miller Architecture, Charlotte, N.C.

Room Remodel | Gold

Project name: Garage to 3-D Home Theater

Location: Pinehurst, N.C.

Square footage: 1,215

Cost: $920,000

Replacing three garage stalls, this home theater serves as a host for movies, games and club meetings and is sound insulated from the surrounding environment and guest rooms above. A 3-in.-thick entrance door to the theater has a sound-dampening inner core panel. The center “sweet spot” seat needed to have perfect sound balance. The architect’s research centered around figuring out what that would be, and he also realized a curved flat screen would accommodate upgrades such as 3-D. Six feet of remaining space was used for a popcorn lobby and powder room. The architect specified the jambs of panels to the AV room’s secret panels to be coated with black felt to prevent light from reflecting into the room. The vestibule prevents light from infiltrating the theater when people enter and exit the powder room. A fiber optic break in the power supply line helps prevent the power surge sensitivities associated with the equipment and programming in a home theater system. Wall panels are sized and positioned to conceal speakers and decorative assemblies such as ceiling beams and coffers act as furnishings.