Miller Architecture, Charlotte, N.C.

Detached Structure | Silver

Project name: Magnolia Pavilion

A couple wanted a wing for their home to serve as an entertainment center for their children and friends; the wing had to stay inside a beloved magnolia tree. The new pool with its guest entry is designed for pool activities and mood-changing lighting and sound effects. The pool deck is designed 30 in. above surrounding grade with a rock wall sitting ledge at least 18 in. above the deck to provide a 4-ft. barrier from the outside. This was done because the owners did not want a nuisance fence surrounding most pools to spoil their view into Pine Woods and 13th hole. The pool pavilion has three sections – a dining rotunda, lounge and exercise room. Maximum structure size and post spacing is based on research the architect conducted into the available sizing or cedar for the curved beams. The bracket design used to brace the structure is used horizontally inside to mimic the shapes of magnolia petals and leaves. The structure has no ledges or horizontal surfaces for birds to roost or for Pinehurst pine pollen to collect. The owner required a larger-than-usual firebox with a shallow Rumford-style backing for deflecting heat outward. A fireplace engineer recommended heightening the chimney and shaping the damper and flue for a good draw under normal weather conditions. A mechanical fan can assist if necessary in unusual conditions. A sophisticated coolant piping system under 8,500 sq. ft. of Bluestone helps to cool them.

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