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by Emily Blackburn

Seattle, Wash.
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 95%
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Jason Legat

QR: Your team was able to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction during the pandemic, a time of greater scrutiny because clients were at home more. There were also supply-chain delays. What measures did your firm take to maintain client satisfaction?

Communication is key. Supply chain management has been a daily conversation in our workplace for the past few years. We keep ahead of it as best we can and are constantly adjusting our ordering lead times. We then relay those changes to our clients as soon as possible. As long as clients know what’s going on and fully trust you to manage the process, it’s likely they’ll have a good experience. We also spent some time streamlining the administrative processes for our clients, such as electronic signatures and online payments.

QR: Firms with happier employees have higher levels of customer satisfaction. What are the top ways you are able to keep your employees happy and satisfied?

Every year we add more and more benefits for our employees. Since we’re still a relatively small company, we’re proud of the wide range of benefits we’ve been able to offer. Currently we offer a variety of bonuses, allowances, insurance options and retirement savings. We know our employees highly value good company culture and work-life balance (because we send them an employee satisfaction survey every year!), so we pay extra attention to hiring people that are a good fit and making sure employees take quality time away from work. Compensation is important, and we offer competitive pay for every role, but we know that day-to-day work happiness is dependent on so much more. We try to support of employees in every way we can.

QR:Purpose driven” companies, those that exist to effect change or take action on something bigger than their products or services, attract a younger, higher skilled employees who tend to be more engaged workers. Some firms connect their “purpose” to a written mission statement. Do you operate a purpose-driven organization? And in what ways does your firm extend itself to outside causes.

As mentioned above, we are proud of the positive company culture that we have been able to create. We consider that an important part of our purpose as an employer. Our employees have families and busy lives outside of work. We want them to strive for excellence at work, but also maintain a healthy work-life balance. Sustainability is also an integral part of our company. We’re committed to minimizing the environmental impact of building and remodeling on every project we work on. That ethos really resonates with a lot of people, and especially younger employees. We not only build sustainable homes with energy-efficient and renewable resources, but we are also environmentally conscious in our office too. We’re working every day to make a positive impact in our industry and attract employees who want to help us on that mission.

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