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If you can’t multitask, you can’t prosper in America. This is why Blue Vision TV Mirror in Lake Zurich, Ill., combines two activities vital to the success of anyone looking to gain an advantage in life — watching TV and making oneself presentable.

The popularity of the TV mirror in the home began with its popularity somewhere else, says Tim Johannes, vice president. “The reason we’re so strong in the residential market is the commercial presence. These products are in many hotels and that’s where architects and designers first see them,” he says. Blue Vision sells to architects, designers, custom home builders, technology integrators, as well as kitchen and bath designers.

Many opportunities exist to hang a TV mirror in the home, including walk-in closets, and the backsplash in the kitchen as well. “Everywhere you can physically hang a TV, homeowners want to put one there. For example, in one kitchen there wasn’t a good spot to hang a TV, so we incorporated it into the backsplash,” Johannes says.

“Most of the installations we’ve seen are in a bathroom, but we also see them in the bar area or above the fireplace. These products can be concealed in a custom frame that is adapted to the interior décor. Many interior designers can design a room around a frame much easier than a black box,” he adds.

One limit to all TV mirrors is bright, direct light such as the sun shining directly on it through a window. “It will give it a glare and wash it out,” Johannes says.

Customization is available, including heated glass to prevent moisture buildup in a steamy bathroom. Dimmable LED lights can be added behind the frame to create a vanity mirror if desired. “We’ve added IP cameras behind the glass with sensors, so clients can videotape a room or activate the TV as people approach. We’re also getting into touch-screen technology as well.” Blue Vision now offers Energy Star-rated models.

Blue Vision will be happy to supply its go-to TV brand, but will work with any brand clients want. Predetermined sizes ranging from 19 to 65 in. are suggested for different applications such as kitchens and bathrooms.

“Interior designers like being able to disguise a TV, but they’re also interested in how the TV mirror is hooked up,” Johannes says. “They’re simple to hook up. A mounting bracket is included.”

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