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by Kacey Larsen

The following product received the most reader inquires from the March 2015 issue of Qualified Remodeler:

The latest innovation from Huber Engineered Woods is ZIP System stretch tape, a one-piece installation flashing tape. Made of composite acrylic, the tape stretches to fit sills, curves and corners to simply installation and provide a better way to seal mismatched surfaces. With the ability to be stretched in any direction, ZIP System stretch tape can be pulled up and reapplied without sacrificing a tight, energy-efficient seal.  

A typical roll is 75 ft. long, and Huber Engineered Wood recommends about 4 ft. of the ZIP System stretch tape to cover a typical 3 ft. wide window according to installation instructions; roughly 18 window sills can be completed with one roll of the stretch tape. Other applications include curved windows and wall penetrations, and it’s effective on a variety of surfaces. The tape can be installed in temperatures as low as 20F and as high as 120F, and includes a 180-day exposure guarantee. Even around fasteners, the stretch tape will provide a “Zip It Tight” seal.

The ZIP System sheathing and tape are designed to replace regular housewrap with the two-step installation: Put up the panels and tape the seams for a water- and air-resistant barrier. The ZIP system product line is backed with a 30-year limited warranty.

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The following product received the most Web page visits in May 2015:

The Galley puts new meaning to the adage “everything but the kitchen sink” with its Galley Workstation, except it does include a 16 gauge, angel finish stainless steel, TrueEdge, 10-in.-deep kitchen sink. Prepping, serving, entertaining and clean-up can all occur in one place with the super-functional workstation, and it can be used in large, small, indoor or outdoor kitchens.

Designed to fit standard American and European cabinets, the Galley Ideal Workstations are available in six sizes: the IWS 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Custom sizes are available via special orders. The IWS 2, 3 and 4 models include 13-in.-wide upper and lower tier accessories, while the IWS 5, 6 and 7 models include 17-in.-wide dual-tier accessories. Sinks are reversible with side drains to maximize storage space under the cabinet. The Galley Ideal Workstations are equipped with Culinary Kits – the number of pieces included varies based on the model – in white or black resin or natural bamboo. Hand-crafted in the U.S., the product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.   

Workstations can be customized with variations such as a center drain, apron-front, 9-in.-deep kitchen sink or custom lengths. The Galley recommends contacting them or a dealer if interested in a custom workstation outside of the variations listed. Additional accessories are available from The Galley, including a dual-tier condiment serving board, bottom sink divider, upper-tier garnish board, countertop knife block and more.

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