NAHB Announces Best of IBS 2022 Product Winners

by Emily Blackburn

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) named the winning products in its ninth annual Best of IBST Awards during the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando. The awards were presented during a ceremony on the final day of the show.

This year’s Best of IBS Awards received more than 200 entries. Decided by a panel of 24 independent judges made up of attending reporters and building professionals, the awards were given in eight categories, plus The Best in Show winner.

Awards were given to exhibitors with a product or line that shows the best combination of design, functionality and innovation, as well as its usefulness to consumers and/or home builders.

The winners are:

The Best in Show: Evolve Stone
Formulated from patented Evolve Material, it is the very first stone cladding that can be face nailed in the same fashion as traditional siding, reducing installation time dramatically. Like real stone, this proprietary material holds its color throughout, so it can be cut to fit on-site while maintaining the highest appearance standards.

Best Energy Efficient Product: SPAN Gen2 Smart Panel
SPAN reinvented the electrical panel so homeowners can intelligently monitor and control their home energy and charge their EVs, making it easier to power their lives conveniently and sustainably. SPAN’s ultimate mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy upgrades for the home, including solar, batteries, and EVs.

Best Home Technology Product: SPAN Gen2 Smart Panel

Best Indoor Product: Murphy Door Flush Mount Pantry Door
Murphy Pantry Door adds elegance while dramatically offering more storage in the kitchen. The front of the door can be finished with an etched glass, mirror, or blackboard insert while the back of the door offers adjustable spice racks and standard shelving.

Best Kitchen & Bath Product: Swidget 20/40/60 Control Switch
Hard wire the 20/40/60 Control Switch to an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) or Heat
Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to manually operate the boost function. Pair the 20/40/60 Control Switch with a Wi-Fi Insert to control the ERV/HRV boost via the Swidget app. Install Swidget devices and Inserts in other rooms of the home to communicate wirelessly and control your ERV/HRV boost function

Best Outdoor Product: Barrette Outdoor Screen Panels

Decorative Screen Panels offer a unique and attractive way to customize an indoor or outdoor
setting. Allowing for creativity with privacy screening, Decorative Screen Panels are the perfect
home accent to enhance a room, patio, garden or a stylish solution for under a deck. New for
2022, several of Barrett railing products also offer options to use Decorative Screen Panels as infills.
Panels can also be installed up to three high in our aluminum frame kit — creating a divider screen
for increased privacy wherever it is needed.

Best Window and Door Product: Endura Panolock Multi-Point Lock
PanoLock is a one-of-a-kind multi-point lock that works with off-the-shelf hardware, supports a forgiving installation, and offers lasting performance, all at an affordable price point.

Most Innovative Building Material: Evolve Stone

Most Innovative Construction Tool: GAF Energy Timberline Solar Energy Shingles
Timberline Solar™ is made up of shingles, not panels or heavy tiles. These shingles are water-shedding, strong and warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph. Rack-mounted solar installations—where the solar is separate from the roof–require the drilling of dozens of holes into the roof membrane. Any resulting damage related to those holes is not typically covered by roof warranties.

“The innovation and sustainability of the entries were much more evident in all aspects of products and services, but the biggest take away I saw from a judging standpoint was the efforts to create products that were easy to install for contractors and the ease of use for the end user,” said Pat Coveny, Best of IBS Awards judge and president and owner of Arch Construction Management Inc.

“This year’s winners represented innovative and aesthetically-pleasing designs and functions,” Tom Wong, Best of IBS Awards judge and associate and senior designer at Danielian Associates. “These products enhanced construction procedures and solved solutions in all aspects of residential construction.”

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