NARI 2022 CotY Awards: Residential Kitchen Under $30,000

by Emily Blackburn

Time 2 Remodel, LLC with team member Gerhards Kitchen & Bath Store

Madison, Wisconsin

The original kitchen lacked functional countertop space and storage. The traffic flow also went right through the work zone and disrupted meal prep. The homeowner wanted a radical change to create an open and contemporary space. Moving the sink to the island, removing peninsula cabinetry and the wing wall, and rearranging the appliances improved the floor plan. Grey shaker cabinetry, a recessed shallow pantry, tall wall cabinetry, along with cabinetry above the fridge added storage and increased countertop space. The heavy texture drywall and original 1929 oak floor were also matched where walls and cabinets were removed, creating a space that looks like it was always there. This kitchen has definitely found its function! QR

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