National Kitchen & Bath Association Launches On-Demand ‘Learning Paths’


HACKETTSTOWN, N.J.  — June 17, 2013 — The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has introduced an on-demand educational curriculum that addresses eight competency areas for employees of large and small businesses.

Each of the eight paths provides a step-by-step individualized approach from introductory through experienced levels, says John K. Morgan, 2013 NKBA president. The eight competencies include:

Design & Inspiration – Design and plan safe and effective kitchens and bathrooms using guidelines based on research, historical review, future trends, consumer lifestyles, U.S. and Canadian building codes and current industry practices.

Talent Management – Recruit, hire, and accomplish successful onboarding of new employees, and provide ongoing talent development.

Communication – Learn skills to ensure clear communication within and outside of the organization.

Adapt & Innovate (Change Management) – Work effectively in the face of ambiguity and change; adjust priorities and skills to successfully tackle new challenges.

Focus on the Customer – Deliver exceptional customer service; understand how to build internal and external processes to continuously improve the customer experience.

Business Management – Achieve positive business results by managing resources. Learn to control risk by aligning finance, organizational structure and marketing initiatives to meet business goals.

Leadership – Encourage the exchange of information and manage workloads to achieve business goals. Become a role model and promote ethical behavior.

Sales & Marketing – Build relationships and offer solutions that meet customer needs; analyze and prioritize sales activities to increase market share, grow current accounts and develop new customers.

 “We use the phrase ‘Learning Paths’ very intentionally, because this isn’t just a new set of classes,” said Nancy Barnes, NKBA director of learning. “It is a process to manage career growth at all stages and phases of professional development.

“The paths offer a well-defined, step-by-step sequence of continuous improvement, whether you are an industry veteran, a newcomer or a student, or working toward certification,” said Barnes, who has more than 15 years of corporate instructional design experience.

The NKBA Learning Paths are available to anyone in the industry, 24/7, 365 days a year through a convenient Learning Management System (LMS). Participation is not limited to Association members.

Access the new NKBA Learning Paths at

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