National Remodeling Month: Repeat clients converted from DIY-ers

by Kacey Larsen

Homeowners in Brookfield, Wis., initially tried to remodel their kitchen themselves, but found that their "fixes" didn't solve the dated appearance of their kitchen. They then reached out to Wisconsin Kitchen Mart, Milwaukee, who helped create an updated design for the space, and the selection and installation of new appliances, cabinets, counters and flooring. 

The second project completed was the remodel of an outdated, cramped bathroom. Redesigning the space and bringing in modern materials and textures improved functionality and added a timeless appeal. The homeowners opted to keep their pre-existing toilet and vanity, but replace the countertop, sink, faucets and shower. 

The homeowners plan to contact Wisconsin Kitchen Mart again when they are ready to remodel their family room. 

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