New Committees Formed by NKBA

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New Committees Formed by NKBA

Hackettstown, NJ The National Kitchen & Bath Association has
formed four new ad hoc committees to examine several aspects of the
association’s operations.

The committees, formed at a recent board of directors meeting of
the Hackettstown, NJ-based NKBA, include the following:

  • An Ad Hoc Design Competition/Design Idea Center Committee. This
    committee will review the NKBA’s current design competition judging
    procedure, analyze the rules and policies of the contest, and
    recommend ways to increase participation. In addition, the
    committee will review procedures for developing the NKBA’s annual
    Design Idea Center, which is part of each year’s Kitchen/Bath
    Industry Show (K/BIS).
  • An Ad Hoc Role Delineation Study Committee. This committee is
    charged with developing a role delineation study, which serves as
    the foundation for the competencies tested in the NKBA’s
    certification exams.
  • An Ad Hoc Exam Devel-opment Committee. This committee, created
    in response to the increased number of people testing for
    certification, will focus on developing both kitchen and bath
    academic design exams.
  • An Ad Hoc Career Development Committee. This committee will be
    responsible for devising “a clear, defined career path for the
    kitchen and bath industry professional to follow” including
    educational programs and additional certifications up to and beyond
    the CKD and CBD according to the NKBA.

“The kitchen and bath industry has become so varied and so vast
that reaching NKBA’s certification level may be too much for some
industry professionals who are just starting out, or not
challenging enough for veteran professionals,” observed NKBA
president Stephanie Witt, CKD, CBD.

“By examining the career development of a kitchen and bath
industry professional, this committee will be able to recommend if
NKBA should implement various levels of certification, allowing us
to service all aspects of the kitchen and bath industry,” Witt

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