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Running a successful design-build or full-service remodeling company requires a blend of design and construction expertise along with business knowledge. Experience is also invaluable. Now there’s a new podcast about the business of remodeling that comes from one of the most successful firms in the industry, CASE Architects & Remodelers of Washington, D.C. and distributed by Qualified Remodeler Media.

Design-Build Central is co-hosted by CASE CEO Bruce Case and its Executive Vice President Bill Millholland. The first two episodes of the podcast were published on Feb. 26 and the duo expect to publish new episodes every two-to-three weeks.

Episode No. 1, Welcome to ‘Design-Build Central’ outlines what they hope to accomplish with the podcast. Episode No. 2, Process provides a primer on the importance of clear processes in a remodeling business today. In the show notes for the episode, Bruce Case describes it this way.

“Clear, proven, and consistent processes bring comfort. Comfort to clients because they know what to expect and when.  Comfort to team members because they are clear about their responsibilities and empowerment every step of the way.  Comfort to the business because consistent processes lead to predictable results,” Case wrote. “Our episode on process will share Case’s design/build process that has been developed over several decades. The roles involved. Who does what at each phase. How we mitigate challenges at ‘joints’ in the process.”

Episode No. 3, will focus on Estimating, and Episode No. 4 will focus on Sales. Both will be published in March, 2024. You can find the Design-Build Podcast on any podcast platform. QR

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