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  • Panasonic unveils the Intelli-Balance 100 Mirror Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV.) The new model is the latest addition to its suite of ERVs, which help to balance air pressure in homes and buildings and also improve indoor air quality. Ideal for large, multi-family projects, the Mirror ERV is an optimal solution for tight spaces where duplicate floorplans require ventilation on either side of a building. It is a cost-effective, code compliant, and installation-flexible option.

  • FastenMaster launches the MVP Multipurpose Wood Screw designed for framing, interior remodeling and cabinetry. MVP features exclusive double-lead SureStart point for a fast start, and the TORX ttap drive system provides a stable, wobble-free installation. The fastener also has a durable ProjectLife Coating that delivers superior corrosion protection for the life of the project and a SureSink Head that countersinks into the wood without compromising clamping force.

  • Velux releases its latest remote-control innovation: Velux Touch. The intuitive, touch-screen remote enables operation of both skylights and shades from a single device in the room. Velux Touch is available as an upgrade to the remote controls that come with all solar-powered and electric fresh-air skylights and shades. It enables homeowners to group skylights and shades on a single Touch remote for simplified control of both natural light and fresh air ventilation.

  • Titebond presents two new multi-purpose caulks—Titebond Pro-Grade and Pro-Grade Plus—that give construction professionals the performance characteristics they need for both interior and exterior jobs. Titebond developed its Pro-Grade Caulk specifically for interior applications, including pre-paint preparation. When contractors want the convenience of a high-performing caulk for both interior and exterior use, they can turn to Titebond Pro-Grade Plus Caulk.

  • Island Stone introduces the Evolution Collection of precision-built stone ledger panels in new patterns. The Evolution Collection captures the intrinsic appeal of exotic stones in a modern blend of rectangles and textures. The resulting designs reflect a distinctive departure from classic ledgers, offering the ability to create original, modern installations. The collection includes two patterns, Precipice and Interwoven, with each offering unique dimensional personalities.

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