New Program Added by SEN

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New Program Added by SEN

Chapel Hill, NC A new educational program for kitchen and bath
design firm principals is being introduced this summer by the SEN
Buying Group, the organization announced.

Kenneth Peterson, CKD, president of the Chapel Hill, NC-based
SEN Buying Group, said that the program, entitled “Business
Practices That Build Real Profits,” will be the third in a series
of “Success Seminars” conducted by SEN.

The other two SEN seminars focus on the sharpening of selling
skills, according to Peterson.

“Our mission in the industry is to empower dealers and designers
to earn more profit,” said Peterson. “There are many excellent
programs available on design, but virtually none on business and
sales management. This unique one-day program fills that void and
will present a comprehensive blueprint for realizing a firm’s
growth and profit potential.”

The new business seminar will be held in Milwaukee on two
different Saturdays July 24 and Oct. 16 because a portion of it
will actually take place in the showroom of Tom Blau, of BB&K

Blau will be collaborating with Peterson as an instructor, said
Peterson, noting that Blau’s business “will serve as a case study
of the marketing and management practices SEN advocates for kitchen
and bath firms.

“Attendees will have the rare opportunity to see first-hand the
showroom applications of all the successful business concepts and
practices presented in this seminar and how they have collectively
produced a hefty net profit on Tom’s financial statements,”
Peterson said.

Additional information is available by contacting SEN at
(800-991-1711), or by visiting the group’s Web site,


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