New Web Site Assists With Tool Selection

by WOHe

New Web Site Assists With Tool Selection

Hauppauge, NY A new Web site aimed at providing construction
trade professionals with better pricing on new and used power
tools, as well as a wide range of other related supplies, has been
launched here.

The new site will be an “open site” that
enables users to control content by listing and buying new and used
power tools, test instruments and supplies, while providing “quick
and easy use for each type of tradesperson,” including remodeling
contractors and subcontractors, said Patrick Norton, CEO of

“We believe that is a great resource that will save
customers time and money by uniting buyers and sellers in the
construction industry and trades,” Norton noted.

He added that the site “will also be assisting small retailers
like local hardware stores and lumber yards to compete on a
national platform with the giant home improvement centers by giving
them low-cost access to what will become the busiest Web site in
the professional trades.”

Buying and selling advice is also included on the site in
“Seller Services,” including tips on how to sell effectively,
escrow services and a category suggestion section.

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