Nip Tuck Remodeling

by Emily Blackburn

CEO April Bettinger

Monroe, WA
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 100
GQ 2019 Recommend Rate: 100
Number of Jobs in 2019: 19
Type of Firm: Design/Build
CEO: April Bettinger

The COVID-19 pandemic changed homeowner interactions. What measures do you use to signal an extra level of care when working in or around a client’s home?

We have moved to almost all virtual meetings with clients, we have creatively partitioned off sections of the interior of the home to reduce inhabitants with workers, much more supervision onsite to monitor safety and health of workers, limited the number of people onsite at any given time, temporary wash stations with hot & cold water for washing. We also invited our local Labor & Industries compliance officer to our site post opening up to inspect to be sure we were meeting or exceeding safety protocols.

Seamless communication technology is now both necessary and expected. How have you used new technology platforms to promote better customer communication and satisfaction?

We utilize BuilderTrend for Project Management. This was in place prior, but now with limited client exposure to the worksite, we rely more heavily on the messaging and photo gallery updates for them. We are also doing facetime and/or zoom with clients. Our designer has incorporated Loom into our design process in an effort to walk folks through refinements, we are implementing Gather It as a collaborative platform for product selections that has been very helpful while working remote with clients.

What was your message to clients with projects in progress in order to keep them happy and satisfied during the uncertainty of the stay-at-home period?

In Washington state, we actually had to completely stop projects and we relied on constant and up to date communication to keep all informed. Now that we have begun re-opening, our messaging is first & formost safety for both the workers and our homeowners and to assure them that our solid relationships with trades & material suppliers are keeping an uncertain situation calm in times like these. I find that simply showing even more caring and empathy now is very important. In absence of information, folks will make up their own information so we want to be proactive and set realistic expectations around our work. The reality is that we might very well have to shut down again and if that happens, we will be right by their side.


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