NKBA 2004 Design competition: Category 6: small bathrooms

by WOHe

While common wisdom says that soft, light colors are the best way
to enlarge a small space, designer Vernon Applegate of the San
Francisco, CA-based Applegate Tran Interiors decided to take a
somewhat riskier approach.

Convinced that even a small bathroom should be allowed to make a
big design statement, he made the decision to forego pale colors,
and instead went for a dramatic effect, using rich, lush color and
dynamic contrasts to define the small bathroom.

As he explains, “An exuberant, glossy orange painted wall and
rich, chocolate brown marble flooring and shower tiles drench the
room with color.” Stark white fixtures were then added to create
the desired sense of drama. The result is a truly eye-catching
bathroom that makes a bold statement about the power of color.

Of course, small spaces still need light to maximize their
potential, so he addressed this challenge by floating the Jim Crone
cabinets off the floor to create a light feeling, and then added
two vertical sconces on either side of the oval mirror. A frosted
glass window allows natural light to enter, while still obscuring
the view from the deck outside.

Applegate also added visual interest through the addition of an
angled shower wall. The Hansgrohe shower which was made possible by
expanding the original half bath with space from an adjacent closet
accommodates a luxurious overhead rain shower control, as well as a
hand-held and pressure spray from the wall.

To enhance the sense of richness and elegance, Applegate
specified striking, white glass countertops. Richly textured
Bisazza 1″x1″ glass tile blends beautifully with the Emperor Dark
marble flooring, tying the space together.

The bathroom also features a Duravit sink, TOTO USA toilet,
Dornbracht fittings and Policelli lighting.

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