NKBA Announces Newest Hall of Fame Member

by bkrigbaum@solagroup.com

Hackettstown, N.J. – The National
Kitchen & Bath Association

announces the 2011 inductee into the Kitchen & Bath Industry
Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have made extraordinary
contributions to the industry. This year, the NKBA is pleased to
welcome Surjit Kalsi into the Hall of Fame.

Surjit Kalsi is Chairman of Capital Cooking Equipment. Beginning his
professional career in 1957, he has applied his creativity and
expertise as a design engineer, and is credited with changing the face
of the appliance industry. Kalsi introduced the concept of commercial
quality ranges for residential use and developed the world’s
first all-stainless steel outdoor barbecue line. His vast contributions
include the invention of the world’s first pyolytic
self-cleaning oven, the low input natural gas pilot, the universal gas
burner, retention flame burner and the first dual flow gas burner. He
is considered one of the foremost experts in cooking range design and
manufacturing, and the NKBA is proud to include Mr. Kalsi among the
respected members of the Hall of Fame.

2011 NKBA President David Alderman, CMKBD expressed his endorsement of
the selection of Kalsi as the newest member of the Kitchen &
Bath Industry Hall of Fame. “Surjit Kalsi’s
advancements in appliance technology and design have paved the way for
today’s popular application of commercial grade ranges in
residential kitchens. His products have elevated home cooking to a new

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