NKBA Reveals Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2010

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January 12, 2010 —
The results are in from a recent survey of
designers conducted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) to
reveal the key design trends for 2010. The results of the NKBA 2010 Kitchen
& Bath Design Trends Survey confirmed the continuation of a number of
existing trends in the marketplace, but also uncovered others that indicate
shifts in the direction that kitchen and bath style will take this year. Below
are 2010’s seven kitchen trends and four bath trends.



1. Traditional is the New

Traditional will continue as the
most popular kitchen design style in 2010, with contemporary following closely
behind, while the Shaker style is seeing a surprisingly strong resurgence.
Shades of whites and off-whites will be the most common kitchen colors in 2010,
while brown, beige, and bone hues will also be popular.


2. Cherry on

Cherry will remain the most
popular wood for kitchen cabinetry, followed closely by maple, while alder
increases in use. As for the finishes placed on those cabinets, medium natural,
dark natural, glazed, and white painted will all be common. Other colors of
painted cabinetry and light natural finishes are in decline, however, as are
distressed finishes.


3. Floored by

Ceramic and porcelain tile, as
well as natural stone tile, remain popular kitchen flooring options, but
hardwood will dominate the kitchen landscape more than ever in 2010. For
countertops, granite continues to be the most popular option, but quartz will
nearly catch up in popularity. For backsplashes, ceramic or porcelain tile and
glass will serve as the primary materials.


4. Flexible

Standard kitchen faucets will
become less standard in 2010 in favor of more convenient models. Pull-out
faucets continue to increase their market dominance, while pot filler faucets
will also become more prevalent. Kitchen faucets will most often be finished in
brushed nickel, followed by stainless steel, satin nickel,
and—surprisingly—polished chrome.


5. Undercounter

French door and freezer-bottom
are the two most popular styles of refrigerators, and side-by-side refrigerators
remain a popular option. A surprising trend is the extent to which undercounter
refrigerator drawers are being used in the latest kitchen designs. Perhaps even
more surprising is that undercounter wine refrigerators have been recently
specified by half of kitchen designers.


6. A Range of Cooking

The tried-and-true range
continues to serve as the workhorse for cooking, although the combination of a
cooktop and wall oven is beginning to overtake it. Gas will maintain its
position as the most popular type of cooktop over electric, although induction
cooking continues to gain in popularity due to its energy efficiency.



Standard dishwashers, with the
traditional door that pulls from the top down, will once again be easily the
most common type in 2010. However, an increasing number of dishwasher drawers
will be installed in kitchens this year for their convenience and their ability
to wash small loads of dishes in each drawer, thereby saving water and



1. In With the Old, Out
with the New

Traditional will be the most
popular design style in bathrooms in 2010, as contemporary designs will be a
distant second, followed by the Shaker style as an even more distant third.
Beiges and bones will be the most common colors used in bathrooms, followed by
whites and off-whites, and then by browns, indicating a somewhat subdued color
palette this year.


2. Ceramic and

Ceramic and porcelain tile will
be the dominant flooring materials in bathrooms this year, while natural stone
will continue to prove popular as well. Though increasingly popular in kitchens,
hardwood flooring won’t become common in bathrooms in 2010. For vanity tops,
granite will remain king, with quartz and marble also proving popular options.


3. Simple

Perhaps more than ever, the most
common color for fixtures will be white. Bisque and off-white will be the only
other fixture colors at all common in new or remodeled bathroom. For sinks,
simple undermount models will be most popular, followed by integrated sink tops,
drop-in sinks, vessel sinks, and pedestal sinks.


4. A Nickel for Every

Faucet finishes in the bathroom
are similar to those used in current kitchen designs, with brushed nickel
continuing to lead the way in 2010. Polished chrome and satin nickel will also
be incorporated into many bathrooms, just as they had been throughout 2009.
These faucet finishes will be followed by bronze and stainless

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