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  • Turboclip from Avon Plastics was created with one goal in mind: making the deck installation process faster, easier, and more efficient. Turboclip fasteners come in “sticks” of 16 so contractors aren’t constantly reaching down for another one as they install. Avon deck fasteners are compatible with all major decking brands like Armadillo, Trex, and Fiberon.

  • Black Label Lumber’s Clad Clip and Pro Deck Clip systems are manufactured using the highest grades of stainless steel and military-grade polymers for maximum performance. Black Label’s Accessory Fastening Program offers products in both square foot coverage kits and as bulk items. The brand’s accessories are also packaged in recyclable, reusable and up-cyclable containers designed to keep products in pristine condition.

  • CAMO launched certified IRC/IBC code compliant CAMO Structural Screws. Rigorously third-party tested and certified by DrJ Engineering, applications include the deck substructure, internal framing, ledger and general construction. The screws are engineered to start fast without pre-drilling, drive smooth, and hold strong.

  • Envision Outdoor Living Products’ EverClip Hidden Fastening System creates a continuous finish with no visible screw heads. Pre-assembled and simple to use, EverClip hidden fasteners are designed with serrated edges that bite securely into the grooves of the composite decking, securing two deck boards at once while anchoring into the joists beneath.

  • FastenMaster’s Cortex Hidden Fastening System on collated strips is 50 percent faster and the best way to hide fasteners in composite, capstock, PVC decking and some composite fascia. The fastener is almost impossible to strip-out and features a Torx TTap drive system to keep it straight through installation. Collated Cortex plugs are made from the same material as market-leading deck boards, providing a perfect match.

  • SPAX Engineered Fasteners deck solutions include all exterior deck fasteners and accessory products for the structural side of deck builds, from the ledger attachment and multi-ply beam assembly to the finishing side with deck board attachment fasteners. In addition, SPAX offers specialty tools like deck board spacers and Joist/Beam tapes to provide longer lasting deck life.

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