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  • Available in two design configurations: outdoor barrel and outdoor canopy barrel, each sauna is hand-crafted from Clear Western Red Cedar or Nordic Spruce. Inspired by the brilliance of Northern European sauna technology and design, ThermaSol’s latest collections offer luxurious features and exceptional detailing from the heater, lumber and accessories to mood lighting and Wi-Fi accessibility.

  • Aquor’s House Hydrant V1+ is recommended for retrofit applications, as it can easily be swapped in for existing spigots. This hydrant has a vacuum breaker included in the hose connector. It’s available in polymer gray, stainless steel, matte black stainless, matte white stainless, and gold plated finishes. Aquor offers several hose connector designs—all hose connectors are compatible with standard garden hoses.

  • Aura CF Series represents the next evolution of electric radiant heating. Engineered to perfectly balance performance and ambience. This series features a large parabolic reflector and Carbon Fiber Emitter, capable of delivering full heat within seconds. With built in controls and an included remote, the CF Series can extend patio season by bringing comfort to favorite outdoor spaces.

  • Protect electrical outlets from the elements with Eaton’s Wiring Devices which feature extra duty weather protective covers and universal mounting, snap-in device inserts to adapt to a receptacle’s needs and an eyelash gasket to protect against insects, rain and splashing water. Pair with an Eaton weather-resistant receptacle for additional protection.

  • FlexScreen is a flexible window screen made of PVC-coated spring steel. The sleek design installs and removes in seconds, hides inside the window’s screen track for an uninterrupted view, and is durable enough to last a lifetime.

  • The Gessi outdoor shower is crafted of premium 316 stainless steel, while the shower column offers customizable details such as adjustable showerheads, special nozzles and four different knurling patterns and a variety of finishes. Varied options in structure and finishes can be paired in fascinating combinations to create a final look that reflects individual needs and style preferences.

  • The Eolis 3D WireFree RTS Wind Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered wind sensor from Somfy Systems that will automatically retract an awning based on wind-generated movements and reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent. Offering peace of mind, the worry-free operation is designed to protect awnings in windy conditions.

  • Solaira designs and manufactures high performance, high efficiency electric radiant heaters for hospitality and residential applications. Solaira ICR Series can be fully recessed in an outdoor room, while the XL Series is best for under pergolas and awnings. Customers can integrate heaters with timers, occupancy monitors, temperature sensors and voltage dimming technology to control heater output.

  • The Sunair SC4500/4600 retractable zipper screen is available in custom sizes up to 24 ft. wide with optional radio-controlled motor and automatic sensors, and smart tablet apps. The percentage of mesh fabric will vary whether the screen can be used for insect control or sun and glare protection.

  • Touchstone’s Whisper Lift series offers pop-up and drop-down TV lifts in a variety of sizes for every outdoor project. The SRV series features soft start and stop, RS-232 connection and an optional add-on base with rolling wheels for easy mobility. The lift is easily controlled with either a remote, smartphone app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home.

  • Each Frost-Free outdoor shower by Watrline comes with a pre-installed, built-in heating element which prevents the pipes and valves inside the shower from freezing. This allows year-round enjoyment without having to worry about winterizing the unit. Designed to handle temperatures as low as -20°F, outdoor showers are now achievable no matter the season.

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