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  • ClipStone’s ProPanel series’ new large-format panelized series is ideal for residential applications, as well as more substantial multifamily and commercial projects. ProPanel is mechanically fastened to walls with patented mounting clips that install up to 5x quicker than individual stones and features a built-in water management system that allows the product to breathe in exterior applications.

  • Cultured Stone’s new Tenley Brick is a clean-cut linear brick shaped veneer that draws attention to the horizontal and vertical layout of walls. The profile’s sleek silhouette offers dynamic potential to explore unique bond and patterning options. Tenley Brick features simple, slender lengths and natural textural details with defined edges and is available in four colorways.

  • Eldorado Stone’s LoreioBrick is a new long-format brick profile inspired by ancient Roman architecture. As a modern profile with nods to classic design, the brick silhouette flaunts textural details, slender cuts and soft gradients that come together to create a contemporary yet balanced visual element. This profile can be installed using a dry-stack technique or a grouted finish.

  • Island Stone’s Natural stone is both striking and enduring, making it the ideal material for exterior cladding. Textured stone options features stones sourced from across the globe, that are cut, textured, and interlocked in unique designs. The finished designs showcase each stone’s distinct attributes. Dramatic shapes sculpted from beautiful natural stones interlocking create show-stopping surfaces.

  • ProVia manufactured stone is artfully crafted to replicate the rugged textures, shadow lines, and coloring of authentic quarried stone. Natural stones are selected by professional masons, and used to create a realistic, handcrafted master mold. Real quarried stone molding, not computer modeling or CAD imaging, results in a near-perfect replica with all of the depth, character, texture and nuance of authentic stone.

  • TandoStone is preferred by siding installers for its lightweight and easy, one-person installation. It’s Stacked Stone and Creek Ledgestone profiles come in a variety of colors to complement any exterior. Impervious to moisture, TandoStone is suitable for ground-level or roofline installations in any climate.  It’s backed by a 20-year  Limited Warranty and a 50-year Performance Plus Limited Warranty.

  • Versetta Stone siding from Westlake Royal Building Products offers the beauty and texture of authentic stone masonry along with easy installation. The panels install with nails or screws with no scratch coat or metal lath needed, they feature an integrated moisture management system, and they do not require additional footings for support.

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