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  • To enhance its Evolution steel deck framing system and make it easier for remodelers to build a deck that can support today’s ever-expanding deck functions and enormous loads, Fortress has launched new framing parts. Its latest offerings include a new Bolt Kit which is a convenient alternative to through bolting railing posts.

  • Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable linear drains can be joined together to create infinite lengths for outdoor and indoor applications. They offer threaded and non-threaded outlets, 90° angle joiners, straight joiners and custom fabrication. An important aspect of this design capability is the ability to join channels and grates together to create installations as long as necessary.

  • Snow and ice melting (SIM) systems eliminate snow and ice build-up, increasing the safety of surfaces where people walk and drive. RAUPEX by REHAU, a SIM system, eliminates the hassle of coordinating snow removal. No more property damage from plow trucks. Wi-Fi connected controls calculate the most efficient use of energy by anticipating forecasted storms. After the surface is clear it automatically shuts off.

  • Trex Seal Ledger Flashing Tape is an 11”-wide, aluminum-lined butyl tape specifically engineered for use on the ledger board of a deck. Combining the best performance features of metal and tape flashing in one easy-to-use product, Trex Seal is wide enough to provide a waterproof barrier over the entire ledger board. It also seals any gaps between the ledger and the substructure.

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