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RALEIGH, N.C., March 10, 2010 – FMI Corporation launches Compensation Interactive, its newest service providing compensation data for general and specialty contractors in the construction industry.

Compensation Interactive is a web-based survey tool that provides contractors with accurate, up-to-date compensation information. The tool allows users to submit data and receive compensation reports throughout the year. All data submitted are kept confidential and extensively reviewed to ensure data integrity and accuracy. Compensation Interactive offers customized reporting allowing users to filter the information by contractor type, revenue and region/state/metro area.

“If there is anything that we have learned in our recent history, it is that all businesses need to be ready to adapt to sudden changes in the environment,” said Sean Taylor, FMI’s Compensation National Practice Leader on Compensation Interactive. “The web is not just for marketing purposes anymore; it has evolved into a critical business management resource. FMI developed this product to make sure that the construction industry had a robust resource for real time compensation data. The Compensation Interactive framework is an essential first step in changing the way data is managed in our industry. There is a lot to be excited about with this new product.”

Compensation Interactive, offers the following benefits for contractors:

  • Construction specific benchmarking: View salary and bonus statistical data from more than 50 staff-level construction positions
  • Customized reporting: Customize your report and sort the data by contractor type, revenue and region/state/metro areas
  • Real-time data: Access real time, continuously updated data 24 / 7 from your online account
  • Low price: Generate, print, PDF or download an unlimited number of reports for the low annual membership price of $500/year

To learn more, please visit Compensation Interactive.

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