The Internet of Things (IoT) is a trend that has gained tremendous momentum, bound to have a major impact on society. However, what businesses and consumers fail to see is the true power and opportunity of the IoT. Mega-tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung are paving the way to create smart home connectivity platforms that allow remodelers to quickly install products and enable them to work together, saving time and money. This also illustrates that remodelers are looking to include long-term value proposition elements for their homeowner clients, as platforms like these allow wide compatibility without being locked into a costly proprietary system. These platforms also allow consumers to manage all of their products from a single app or via voice activation.

In addition to saving remodelers time and money, homeowners will also benefit from the many features offered by IoT products. From home security cameras to smart locks and thermostats, IoT devices allow consumers to control the most important parts of a home from the palm of their hand, helping save money, time and providing peace of mind.

Here are four ways that IoT technology makes life simpler and more cost effective for the homeowner:

  1. Energy managementConnected LED bulbs, lighting controls, thermostats, connected appliances and other simple monitors can modify energy consumption and usage as needed to meet homeowners’ specific needs. With simple controls and configurations, homeowners can easily adjust these devices to work within the rhythm of their day, giving them one less thing to worry about. Products that are part of ecosystems, such as Apple HomeKit or Wink, can help homeowners schedule, maintain and manage all of their smart devices from one convenient app on their phone. This convenience ensures these products are only used when homeowners need them, thus reducing energy consumption. CNET has produced this HomeKit tutorial video for more insight on how it works. Find a list of HomeKit enabled accessories here and for Wink here.
  1. Accessibility from anywhereConnected products provide your clients with the status of the device and the ability to take action from afar. Can’t remember if they locked the door behind them 20 minutes into a trip? What about the garage door? Did they set the light timers? Control those doors from anywhere, turn on/off lights and save a trip back to the house. By offering these accessories to homeowners as part of a remodeling package, professionals can help create additional efficiencies, and homeowners will love the peace of mind and convenience within their newly remodeled home. While there are many smart home products on the market, small but impactful upgrades can make a huge difference. This CNET article highlights the top 2017 accessories.
  1. Avoid the fineAre there water restrictions in your client’s neighborhood? Consider a connected sprinkler controller. It uses microclimate technology to optimize water consumption and can shut itself off to comply with restrictions filed by the local government. With monitored security, police often respond to false alarms, which can result in a significant fine for the homeowner. Remodelers can help homeowners avoid this by setting their smart lock or smart garage door opener to notify them when it is tampered with or used to enter the home. This is an easy change to make and will give homeowners an added level of peace of mind when working with professionals, not to mention it goes a long way in building long-lasting, trusting relationships.
  1. Get discountsMore and more insurers are providing discounts for homes with connected technologies like locks, alarms and other sensors. A professional can always ask for a discount from suppliers and brands they work with. In turn, professionals can often provide discounted rates to homeowners, making everyone happier in the long run.

Staying ahead of these trends can help remodelers make informed decisions of what products and platforms may work best for their customers’ preferences. This knowledge will help remodelers strengthen relationships with their customers, which could potentially result in more referrals which could directly impact their bottom line.


Rob Martens, futurist and vice president of strategy and partnerships for Allegion, maker of Schlage.

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