Optimism Reflects Opportunities in Replacement Siding

by Emily Blackburn

Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc. recently launched an online resource to help siding contractors excel in today’s business environment. The site, Operation 120, brings to light the conditions that exist today, despite the challenges we all face in the current social and economic climates.   

“Online consumer searches for the term ‘siding’ have been up over 120% – more than double – according to Google Trends,” says Mike Kemper, director of marketing for Progressive Foam. “This increase is by far the highest among all exterior project categories.” 

The company’s customer survey revealed that nearly 80% of remodelers will put greater focus on siding projects going forward in 2020. 

Based on the recent research and customer engagement, Progressive Foam has identified five core drivers for optimism in the siding game: 


  1. TIME AT HOME: People are spending more time at their house, seeing the home improvement projects they want to do – and siding is at the top of the list; 
  2. OUTSIDE, NOT INSIDE: Unlike most home improvements, siding is installed on the exteriorhelping to alleviate health concerns of salespeople or installers having to be inside the home; 
  3. REMOTE TECHNOLOGIES: Siding can even be sold and even measured remotely with powerful, new technologies that allow contractors to quickly and cost-effectively create and present a professional sales pitch onlineas well as close the sale with a signed digital contract; 
  4. THE SEASON: It‘s spring…and people are outside more often, enjoying nicer weather and sprucing up their home for summer; 
  5. AVAILABLE FUNDS: Stimulus checkssidelined vacations and special financing offers camake transformative siding improvements more affordable and doable. 

The resources are housed within a special section called Area 120: Resources HubHere, siding professionals can access videos, brochures and other information on Progressive Foam insulation products. Business partners involved in Lead GenerationRemote Selling and Measurement technologies, and other disciplines are also featured.   

The Upcoming Events section promotes online industry events and a blog section called Join the Conversation allows contractors to share information and ideas with one another.   

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