Outdoor Comfort

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Outdoor Comfort

Hot tub with plasma TV. The Galaxy
hot tub comes complete with a retractable 42-in. plasma TV. With
the press of a button, the 42-in. plasma screen and four speakers
rise from within the hot tub’s shell. An additional subwoofer and
two 6-in. inlaid speakers provide enhanced audio quality for the
DVD and CD player system. All components are protected by
marine-grade sealant and casing. Cal Spas (800)

Outdoor fireplaces. These
gas-burning outdoor fireplaces feature sleek, durable stainless
steel construction, made to weather all of nature’s elements. The
units are built to create a cozy centerpiece in any outdoor living
space. Equipped with the Intellifire ignition system, the fireplace
creates instant heat with the flick of a switch. The 42-inch wide
fireplace is built to maximize heat for outdoor activity.
Fire Stone (866) 303-4028

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