Outdoor Cooking Fixture Sales to Grow 5.4 Percent Annually

by Patrick OToole

Demand for outdoor kitchen cooking fixtures is projected to climb 5.4 percent annually to $325 million in 2022. Gains will be driven by:

  • ongoing development of high-end grills (e.g., with infrared heating elements, integrated smoker boxes, and LED-illuminated controls), supporting pricing growth and value gains
  • increasing interest in artisanal grilling, encouraging the use of high-end specialty fixtures like kamados and pellet grills, supporting value gains
  • rising interest in installing multiple cooking fixtures – including lower-cost add-ons like side burners and other peripherals – to enhance an outdoor kitchen’s functionality

In general, outdoor kitchen cooking fixtures tend to be high-value, supporting significant gains as installations steadily increase. Since these are permanent fixtures, they tend to feature substantial cooking area and power, durable materials, and extensive warranties, and most consumers installing an amenity as high-value as an outdoor kitchen are willing to invest in high-quality fixtures. These and other trends are presented in Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Market in the US, a new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm.

Sales of all types of outdoor kitchen equipment are forecast to grow 6.2 percent annually to $735 million in 2022. The number of US households with an outdoor kitchen is expected to rise 4.7 percent per year to 3.9 million in 2022. The Great Recession prompted new growth in the outdoor kitchen market by encouraging “staycations” in the back yard instead of vacation travel. The continued development of mass-market products (e.g., more basic islands and appliances, modular island and fixture systems) is expanding the consumer base, which historically comprised only upper-class households, by reducing purchase and installation costs. High-end add-ons and upgrades (e.g., specialty grills, food-grade refrigerators, kegerators) are increasingly used to enhance existing outdoor kitchens.

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