Outing the Opt-Out Option

by WOHe

Dec. 20, 2010 — Many contractors who finished their RRP certification early in the process obtained information about the “opt-out” option.  This provision applied to owners who did not have small children in their home or facility. 

Under the “opt-out” provision, homeowners could sign a statement to “opt-out” of the Renovation, Repair, and Painting work practice requirements if:

  1. The owner resides in the home;
  2. No child under 6 years old lives there
  3. No pregnant woman lives there,
  4. No child-occupied facility is on the property, and
  5. the owner signs a “Pre-Renovation” forms with the “Opt Out” Acknowledgment

But, with the refinement of the RRP Rule, the “opt-out” provision was eliminated. See the Federal Register of May 6, 2010 for details.

This can be confusing to contractors who were “early-certified” or who find outdated documentation on-line that still contains information about the “Opt-Out” Provision and forms containing the Owner-Occupant Opt-Out Acknowledgment. 

Why was the opt-out eliminated? In a statement released by the EPA, it states the “EPA removed  the “opt-out” provision because improper renovations in older homes can create lead hazards resulting in harmful health effects for residents and visitors in these homes, regardless of age.”

Since there is no opt-out available and all homes containing lead paint must be renovated by lead-safe certified contractors, it is imperative that you provide the correct “Renovate Right” brochure.

“Renovate Right” Brochure Resources
Make sure you are providing your customers with the correct version of “Renovate Right,” which is the April 2010 version of the booklet.  It can be obtained by:

Downloading  the current version at the EPA website: click here  
Local printers who have digital output capabilities can produce these in small numbers.

Order from the GPO Bookstore: click here
Sold in packages of 10 brochure for  $20 plus shipping

Order from third party providers:
Environmental Innovative Technologies: 100 per pack for $67.

TSI Training:
$1.25 each in quantities of  1-19 manuals; $1 each in quantities of  20-59 manuals; $0.85 each in quantities of 60+ manuals ordered
Free customized covers

EhsMaterials.com Inc. Price: 100 Brochures $59.00

“Renovate Right” can also be emailed. See article on this website.






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