Package of Marketing Tools Unveiled by NKBA

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Package of Marketing Tools Unveiled by NKBA

Hackettstown, NJ A major new package of marketing tools aimed at
boosting consumer awareness of National Kitchen & Bath
Association members has been unveiled by the NKBA, the trade
association announced last month.

The association’s newly unveiled “Member Marketing Planner”
positions NKBA members as “the finest professionals in the kitchen
& bath industry,” and provides a variety of options for members
to strengthen their brand name and deliver their marketing message
to consumers, according to the Hackettstown, NJ-based NKBA.

“Hopefully, all of our members are positioning themselves as the
finest in their marketplace,” said NKBA director of marketing and
membership Larry Spangler. “In this competitive economy, why not
back up that claim by using NKBA membership credentials [to] tell
the world you’re [among] the finest professionals in the kitchen
and bath industry?”

Spangler said that while word of mouth remains the best form of
advertising that any business could ask for, “it is limited to the
number of happy consumers in your database, and their ability to
deliver all the volume you need.”

“In a highly competitive marketplace, with American mobility at
more than 20%, what’s the likelihood of new customers finding your
business?” Spangler asked. “You need to tell them where and how to
find you, what’s special about you, and why they should want to
work with your firm,” he emphasized.

The NKBA’s new Member Marketing Planner includes tools aimed at
assisting association members in tying their membership into their
advertising and marketing campaigns, NKBA officials said.

They added that the Planner includes examples of effective radio
spots, newspaper and magazine advertisements, Yellow Pages
listings, and general steps to assist members in reaching marketing
and advertising goals. Also included is the NKBA’s new official
logo and logo usage guidelines, aimed at ensuring the proper use of
the new logo.

The NKBA, which currently numbers some 7,700 members, said it will
also attempt to increase consumer brand awareness for its members
through a continued heavy consumer magazine ad campaign and Web
site activities. The association is also planning a television
campaign that will air nationally on the HGTV cable TV network in
2001, according to Spangler.

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