Patrick O'Toole

  • Editorial: The Business of Craft

    by Kyle Clapham

    Each of you had clear reasons for launching a remodeling business. For many, it was a drive for financial success and everything that comes with it. But new research from Cox Business helps shine a …

  • Editorial: What Will You Gain?

    by Kyle Clapham

    An important question that any business owner must answer involves the types of gains they might hope to achieve by running a business. Many—but not all—remodelers and contractors focus on profit as their main objective. …

  • Editorial: Steady Hands Required

    by Kyle Clapham

    Newton’s law of gravity certainly applies to consumer demand—what goes up, must come down. Lead flows have been so strong for so long that they were bound to change trajectory at some point. That change …

  • Editorial: How FAST Is Your Business?

    by Patrick OToole

    Several years ago, I attended a presentation given by remodeler Abe Degnan of Degnan Design-Build, based in Madison, Wisconsin. Degnan, who is 45, has been running a very profitable design-build business for many years. The …

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