PDCA Endorses Lead Records Organizer

by WOHe

SAN JOSE, Calif.- January 13, 2011 –(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) have agreed to endorse and distribute Lead Records Organizer, the premiere recordkeeping solution for the EPA’s new Renovate, Repair, and Paint (RRP) Rule.

The EPA now requires all contractors, landlords, maintenance workers, and handymen who do work on pre-1978 homes and child-occupied to become trained as Certified Renovators and to conform to a set of lead-safe work practices. In addition, the Renovator has to educate the dwelling’s occupants on the dangers of lead-based paint and must keep records on all lead jobs for three years. Renovators who do not comply with this new EPA law will be subject to fines up to $37,500.

Lead Records Organizer is the flagship product of Lead Records, Inc., a San Jose, CA, company. The product is a comprehensive guide to fulfilling the EPA’s RRP recordkeeping requirements. It contains a complete set of forms and instructions that cover all the contingencies that a Renovator is likely to encounter when dealing with lead-based paint. Steve Gross, Director of Marketing at Lead Records, says, “Lead Records Organizer help reduce the anxiety that contractors are likely to feel, knowing that the EPA is threatening significant penalties.”

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