People Seen ‘Vacationing,’ Cocooning, Working at Home

by WOHe

People Seen ‘Vacationing,’ Cocooning, Working at

International affairs are having an impact on housing design and
product selection, with the home once again becoming the
centerpiece of American family life, experts now contend.

According to a consensus of housing and real estate analysts, a
growing number of people are ‘vacationing’ at home that is, they’re
spending their leisure time in their dwelling rather than going
out. In the wake of the events of Sept. 11, a growing number of
people are also opting to work at home more, experts note.

Because of this growth, home builders and remodelers can expect
to see consumers place an emphasis on larger homes, with such
features as home offices, finished basements and gourmet kitchens.
Also expected to grow in popularity are master bedroom “retreats”
 separate rooms adjoining the bedroom that includes a wet bar
and refrigeration as well as butler’s pantries, also containing a
wet bar and cabinetry.

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