Planit Holdings Buys CAD/CAM Software Firm

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Planit Holdings Buys CAD/CAM Software

Charlotte, NC Planit Holdings plc, the parent company of
Planit-Autograph, Cabinet Vision and CabnetWare, has acquired Licom
Systems Ltd., a major British-based supplier of woodworking
software, the company announced.

The acquisition, whose terms were not disclosed, was announced
last month and will “further extend the company’s reach” into
woodworking manufacturing with Licom’s “AlphaCAM” router software,
the company said.

Planit was formed in 1984 to develop, market and distribute CAD
and costing software solutions for the retail and contract kitchen
and bath industry. The acquisitions of Cabinet Vision and
CabnetWare over the past several years have extended Planit’s reach
into associated markets “and added significantly” to the company’s
market penetration and strength, corporate officials said.

The acquisition of Licom Systems Ltd., whose U.S. unit is based
in Charlotte, NC, will enable Planit to enter worldwide markets
including Europe and the Far East with Cabinet Vision products, by
utilizing Licom’s existing distribution channels, the company

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