Positive Attitude Can Make a Major Difference When Closing a Sale

by WOHe

Positive Attitude Can Make a Major Difference When
Closing a Sale

There’s an old joke about two kids in a stable. They see a big
pile of manure. One is disgusted, but the other yells “Yippee!” and
begins shoveling through the manure joyously.

The first kid asks, “What the heck do you mean, yippee? Why are
you so happy?”
And the other kid responds, “With all this manure, there must be a
pony down there somewhere and I’m gonna find it!”

A positive attitude can work wonders when it comes to kitchen
and bath saleseven if it can’t make a pony materialize from a pile
of manure. It can, however, communicate enthusiasm to clients,
encouragement to workers and confidence to your suppliers. What
follows are some tips that can help you radiate a positive
attitude, even on days when you feel down and discouraged:

  • Smile, and start off with everyone you encounter by saying
    “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” or “Good evening” as the clock
    dictates. A slightly formal greeting opens lines of communication
    with others.
  • Make eye contact. Eye contact builds trust, and gives both you
    and the other person a sense of comfort and confidence.
  • Ask sincerely, “How are you doing?” and listen to the
  • When talking to the other person, ask, don’t tell, and always
    say “please” and “thank you.”
  • Sit straight body language tells a client or prospect more
    about what you’re saying than your words do.
  • Be generous with praise. It costs you nothing, but pays off big
    time. Praise focuses attention on what is right and good. Nobody
    ever walked away from praise thinking “What a bummerhe liked what I

    Don’t interrupt. Even if you’ve heard it before, even if you know
    the answer to the question halfway through, even if you’ve already
    taken care of the problem, wait until the other person stops

  • Do what you say you will do, and say what you will do. There’s
    nothing more positive than results, and it’s easier for people to
    see results if you call attention to them. Think about this
    sentence, “Nobody knows about half the things I do to keep this
    business running!” Do you think somebody who says that to himself
    or others is positive and productive? Or is he bitter and
    resentful, likely to squabble?
  • Don’t dwell on failure. If one of your workers screws up,
    quietly correct him or her behind closed doors and focus on how to
    fix the problem. When you fail, close your eyes and keep on
    plugging. Harry Truman’s haberdashery went bankrupt and he had to
    move in with his in-laws; Abe Lincoln was fired as his town
    postmaster and lost elections in 1855 and 1858; Fred Astaire’s
    first screen test was a flop; the Beatles were told by the record
    company that turned them down that guitar groups were on the way
  • Think of a creative way to describe your business goal and
    focus attention on that. Instead of saying, “I remodel kitchens and
    baths,” say “I help families live better” or “I bring comfort and
    convenience to your home.” This can help you put any disagreement
    about the correct door finish into perspective and add an air of
    excellence and flexibility to your entire

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