Post-Dismissal Suggestions Offered

by WOHe

Post-Dismissal Suggestions

There are many guidelines for kitchen and bath dealers to follow
when it comes to terminating a poorly performing employee.

Among the often-overlooked ones, however, are how to handle the
situation among those of your employees who remain with the

What follows are some of the guidelines recommended by business
management specialists:

  • If you do have to terminate an employee, do it in private. Keep
    it non-personal, and do it quickly, remaining out of view, and out
    of earshot of others.
  • Understand that most of your remaining employees have probably
    been aware of the problems that led to the dismissal.
    Even though they may have liked the dismissed employee, they’ll
    respect what you have done in the best interests of the company
    and, ultimately, them. They may show some public sympathy for the
    person who was fired, but privately they will like the fact that
    you did what you did, and some may even tell you so. Be open to
    those comments as well as conflicting feelings and take these
    remarks into account.
  • Don’t try in any way to keep your employees from communicating
    with the fired person. He or she might say things like,

    “Why doesn’t (the boss) want you to talk to me? What is (the boss)
    trying to hide?” This will only increase speculation that workplace
    standards are not being applied fairly.

  • Be particularly attentive to accomplishments among your
    remaining employees, and praise them. Specifically watch for
    opportunities to positively reinforce good work habits and good
    performance. Don’t hesitate to apply negative sanctions when the
    behavior warrants it in other

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