Power Home Remodeling Group, the No. 3 company on the Qualified Remodeler TOP 500 list, announced that it had recently added a new role to its leadership team, Chief Business Technology Officer. Marc Sule, a technologist with a long resume in similar roles, was named to the position.

Marc Sule

As the new CBTO, Sule will be responsible for “ensuring that the company’s Business Technology (BT) employees are empowered to deliver the highest value features and cutting-edge solutions to support both the customer and employee experience”, a press release from the company said. Sule will also be responsible for ensuring that the company’s applications and infrastructure are equipped to meet the needs of the company’s growth.

Power runs a proprietary hardware and software program that was created by the company’s longtime chief technology officer Tim Wenhold. The program, called NITRO, is managed by a Business Technology team, that numbers over 100 people. Wenhold was the keynote speaker at FAST Remodeler Live in 2022 where he explained the company’s tech-forward philosophy.

Tim Wenhold, chief technology officer, Power Home Remodeling Group speaking at F.A.S.T. Remodeler Live in 2022. Wenhold provides an overview of NITRO, the company’s proprietary operating system.

Marc Sule joins the company from leading promotional products company, alphabroder, where he served as Chief Information Officer for six years. Prior to that, he held leadership positions at major brands like CVS Health, Urban Outfitters, eBay, and GSI Commerce, garnering over 30 years of valued experience within the technology sector. QR

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