“Prevail” Webinar Summit Co-hosted by Qualified Remodeler

Debuting March 26: The focus is lead-generation and marketing, areas of the business that could go unattended during times like this.

EVANSTON, Ill. (Qualified Remodeler) — Prevail is the right word for it. Remodelers and home improvement pros are working double time to comply with Covid-19 protections while at the same time meeting the needs of confused clients. It is a demanding business climate unlike most have ever seen. That is why Qualified Remodeler, Socius Marketing and MarketSharp are co-hosting a five-part webinar summit that begins March 26: Prevail — A Covid-19 Webinar Series. The focus is lead-generation and marketing, areas of the business that could go unattended during times like this.

Featured speakers for the Prevail Webinar Summit

The series features leading remodeling and home improvement company owner and consultants: Brian Gottlieb of Tundraland Home Improvements, Vince Nardo of Reborn Cabinets, John Anglis of Carefree Home Pros and Tony Hoty of Window Depot. Click here to register and learn more. The topics and dates for the series are as follows.

March 26Lead Generation: The first, and most critical step in powering through this time is keeping the pipeline full and your sales team fed. Tony Hoty provides insights into his lead gen strategy during COVID-19 & Chris Behan from Socius Marketing offers tips to maximize website and digital marketing conversion rates.

April 1Lead Management: Efficiency right now is the name of the game. Special guest Vince Nardo will speak with the Summit about how Reborn is handling this historic moment. Tim Musch from Marketsharp will discuss the tools that will help you set, issue, and demo the highest quantity of leads possible.

April 8Closing the Sale: Close rates are without a doubt the most important metric right now. Brian Gottlieb shares how Tundraland is maintaining their close rates. Caleb Nelson from Destination Motivation and Greensky Financing will explain how you can close more sales in an uncertain market.

April 15Referrals + Rehash: Learn how to take advantage of your database in this webinar. John Anglis first kicks us off with some insights into training your sales and call center teams. Next, Brian Kaskavalciyan from gFour Marketing will talk about how to get more referrals from your existing customers. Alan McKenna will then walk you through how to rehash your database of demos to get more sales out of the leads you’ve already paid for.

April 22Internal Reviews and Process: In the final week of the PREVAIL Webinar Series, Gavin McDonald from GuildQuality will discuss the importance of surveying your customers and how to complete a productive internal quality assurance review. Tim Musch & Chris Behan will offer some closing thoughts about how to be ready to run again once the COVID-19 scare subsides.


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