Prima Construction

by Emily Blackburn

Minneapolis, Minn.
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 100%
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Design/Build, Full-service Remodeler
Kim Studham

QR: Your team was able to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction during the pandemic, a time of greater scrutiny because clients were at home more. There were also supply-chain delays. What measures did your firm take to maintain client satisfaction?

In the face of the global pandemic, Prima Construction rose to the challenge, utilizing strategic foresight to maintain its commitment to customer satisfaction. Anticipating potential supply-chain disruptions, the company prioritized early sourcing of materials. This preemptive approach ensured that all requisite materials were securely stored before the initiation of any project, circumventing potential disruptions and keeping project timelines on track.

Beyond logistics, Prima Construction embraced transparency and proactive communication with clients, keeping them abreast of developments and any potential changes in plans. Simultaneously, the company strengthened its relationships with trusted suppliers, who shared their commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite the trying circumstances, the consistent collaboration, communication, and careful planning employed by Prima Construction enabled them to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic successfully.

QR: Firms with happier employees have higher levels of customer satisfaction. What are the top ways you are able to keep your employees happy and satisfied?

Prima Construction’s strategy for high customer satisfaction is built on efficient logistics and communication and a foundational belief that happy employees breed satisfied clients. By ensuring that they do not subcontract work, the company retains a dedicated, cohesive team that is intimately familiar with its work ethic and standards. The unique “no grumpy people” rule injects a note of positivity and humor into the company culture while emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude on the job.

As a woman-owned company, Prima Construction takes pride in championing diversity at every level, thereby enriching its team’s perspectives and work output. This commitment extends beyond gender, fostering an inclusive culture that values different skills, backgrounds, and ideas, contributing to the company’s robust problem-solving abilities and creative approaches.

The company has also innovated in employee recognition, embracing a tool called “” This platform allows team members to directly acknowledge each other’s contributions, reinforcing a culture of appreciation and respect. However, these bonuses are not handed out casually. They must align with one of Prima Construction’s three core values: Motivation, Positivity, and Reliability. By intertwining recognition with these pillars of its philosophy, the company encourages behaviors that ultimately drive its success and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, Prima Construction understands that a company’s greatest asset is its people, and by nurturing a positive, motivated, and reliable team, they have effectively turned potential pandemic adversity into a testament of their resilient spirit.

QR:Purpose driven” companies, those that exist to effect change or take action on something bigger than their products or services, attract a younger, higher skilled employees who tend to be more engaged workers. Some firms connect their “purpose” to a written mission statement. Do you operate a purpose-driven organization? And in what ways does your firm extend itself to outside causes.

Prima Construction is a purpose-driven organization marked by a commitment to make transformative change. Beyond the scope of its construction services, Prima’s mission embodies easing the worries of clients, providing excellent value, and challenging gender norms in the construction industry. The company aims to alleviate the stress of remodeling projects, replacing fear with excitement and anticipation, simultaneously ensuring a balance of quality workmanship, sustainable practices, and competitive pricing, offering clients maximum return on their investment.

As a woman-owned company, Prima Construction actively works to normalize women’s roles in construction, reshaping industry norms through practical shifts. This commitment to diversity and inclusion goes hand-in-hand with the company’s unique “no grumpy people” rule, reflecting an overarching ethos of fun and positivity. These principles, along with the company’s core values of motivation, positivity, and reliability, shape every project, driving Prima’s team and, in turn, amplifying customer satisfaction.

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