PRODUCT NEWS: Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

by WOHe

While the EPA does NOT currently approve or certify any manufacturers’ vacuums or HEPA filters, Nilfisk HEPA vacuum cleaners exceed the EPA’s definition of a HEPA vacuum and are adequately equipped to safely collect hazardous lead dust generated during renovations.

  • Equipped with multi-stage filtration, including a tested and certified HEPA filter, Nilfisk HEPA vacuums safely capture 99.97% of debris, down to and including 0.3 microns.
  • Nilfisk HEPA vacuums for lead abatement can be equipped with optional turbo and/or power nozzles (only available on certain models). These are floor tools equipped with a carpet beater bar to dislodge heavy lead particulate that may be embedded in the carpet. For more information on these nozzle options, please see our FAQs below.
  • Nilfisk HEPA vacuums can be used in conjunction with vacuum-assisted power tools to collect hazardous lead debris at the source.

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