Gas on Glass Cooktops

From: Miele

Gas on Glass cooktops, available in 24″ and 36″ options, have been added to Miele’s lineup of cooking products. The black glass cooktops feature the company’s QuickStart technology and ComfortClean dishwasher-safe grates. To ensure a safe cooking experience, the GasStop & Restart feature will automatically re-ignite the flame if the flame withers while cooking. The 24” cooktop includes four sealed burners, with the high-speed burner reaching 9,300 BTU and the simmer burner reaching as low as 3,750 BTU. The two standard burners reach 5,800 BTU and can be modified. The 36″ cooktop provides additional power, featuring the same burners as the 24″ option with an additional Super (Wok) burner that can reach 16,500 BTU. This model also includes a timer and indicator lighting.

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