Waste Separation Storage

From: Vauth-Sagel USA

Vauth-Sagel has added xxliner to its Öko liner organization drawer. The Öko xxliner has large-volume containers requiring very little space on either side. The waste separation system is available for narrow kitchen cabinets with widths from 450mm and can also be installed underneath work surface areas in its own cabinet. The xxliner will allow three-way separation for widths of 600mm and offers a total volume of 91 liters. The containers are manufactured from special food-compatible plastic with smooth, and easy-clean, side walls, which can be cleaned using water. Metal protective lids are double powder-coated to protect against damage. The Vauth-Sagel EasyFit quality seal provides detailed step-by-step instructions for each product, and comes with an installation template to help the fitter correctly position and drill the holes for the drawer. Individual systems are supplied with plastic installation aids, making assembly even faster and simpler. Once installed, the entire system can be aligned by means of 3-D adjustment, while available front panels can be simply mounted onto the frame without tools.

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