High Efficiency Connected Dishwashers

From: Miele

A new generation of dishwashers is now available from Miele that offer reliable cleaning and drying results, short cycle times and flexible organization, according to the firm. The new QuickIntenseWash program provides a fast, yet intense, wash and dry cycle in under 58 minutes. The dishwashers achieve high energy efficiency through, amongst other features, an EcoTech heat storage unit that comprises two separate water circuits in a heat-exchanger unit. One circuit transports fresh tap water, the other contains hot water from the last program stage which circulates to pre-heat the fresh water in the reservoir. Flexible storage includes the 3D+ cutlery tray, which features two hinged rows of spikes in the central section to ensure knives are securely positioned. The spikes can be lowered to create space for large ladles, whisks and spatulas. The lower basket features the new height-adjustable FlexCare glass holders, which consist of fiber-reinforced, tactile plastic surfaces in order to secure smaller items. The addition of new silicone rests will keep tall stemware securely in place. Via the free Miele@Mobile app, the Lumen and Diamond EcoFlex dishwashers can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or tablet.



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