Wireless meter for equipment monitoring

From: Wireless meter for equipment monitoring

Keytroller allows companies to monitor and track the usage and alarm conditions of their equipment with its CYBERWATCH LAN wireless hour and alarm meter. If a Wi-Fi network is accessible, users can monitor usage, idling, maintenance needs and alarm warnings for forklifts, engines, generators and more. Embedded with its own web browser and IP address, allowing users to connect to the device through the Wi-Fit network to view its data from a tablet cell phone or computer; automatic emails can be programmed with usage and alarm reporting. Optional sensors for monitoring impact, voltage, hydraulic usage, pneumatic and temperature can be added. The meter is a small aluminum enclosure measuring 4.53 by 3.54 by 2.17 in., and a weatherproof option is available.

Keytroller provided the following example: The CYBERWATCH LAN can be attached to four different inputs on a forklift (plus input power connection from the forklift to power it).  Each input will record hours/minutes of usage when the input goes “high.”  Alternatively, the installer can attach the device to input power and enable the vibration counter, which will count hours as the forklift is in use and vibrating. All data will be sent out via email via the client’s Wi-Fi network to the same email location. Once received, the emails can be “scraped” and the data string removed and a separate programming script written to deposit the hour meter usage data into a maintenance scheduling software and/or Excel spreadsheet.

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