Flashing system in shorter lengths

From: DuPont Tyvek

DuPont Tyvek announces three shorter lengths of its DuPont Flashing System products to complement the current offerings of 75 or 125 ft. The shorter roll lengths are designed for the most common dimensions of standard sized windows and doors. DuPont Flashing Tape, a self-adhering flashing tape, comes in a 4-in. by 33-ft. roll ideal for flashing a standard flanged door or flanged window, excluding the sill flashing. DuPont FlexWrap NF, an extendable self-adhesive flashing in a 9-in. by 15-ft. roll, is suitable for flashing two 6-ft. wide window or door sills; an arched window top and sill; and exterior wall penetrations like electrical, HVAC and plumbing areas. The 6-in. by 25-ft. roll of DuPont StraightFlash VF provides a double-sided flashing for around nonflanged or brick-mold doors and windows. These shorter roll lengths allow for use of flashing products without the investment of larger bulk quantities.

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