Platform adds features to professional plan


Hover introduces two additional capabilities to its platform: Hover Connect and Hover Prospect. Hover Connect allows professionals—including contractors, insurance carriers and adjusters—to invite homeowners to download the app, take eight home photos, and then an interactive 3-D model of the home with exterior measurements can be received by the professional and homeowner. This feature means professionals do not even have to be onsite to provide estimates, etc. Organizations can set up field accounts through Hover Prospect to capture an unlimited number of properties and store them under the company’s account until an administrator can review and approve the photos from the field before submitting them for processing. This feature means contractors can order the 3-D model and measurements for the leads that actually sit for an appointment, ensuring readiness for an in-person meeting. Both features are available in Hover’s professional plan, and the app is available through iTunes or Google Play.

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