Predrilled cable rail system for stair posts, pickets

From: Feeney Inc.

Feeney debuts Pre-Drilled Stair Posts and Intermediate Pickets for its DesignRail System to reduce installation time, and increase accuracy when installing with stairs. The predrilled stair posts and pickets feature slotted holes that are drilled to minimize the size of openings for a clean look while maintaining angle flexibility. Compatible with all DesignRail Aluminum Railing top rail profiles, the posts are available for Base Mount, Stanchion Mount and Fascia Mount configurations. Three standard angle ranges and three standard railing heights are offered; custom angles and heights are also available. Posts and pickets include extra material at the top and bottom to facilitate convenient trimming once final post locations are determined and can be used with any DesignRail aluminum railing project using 1/8-in. CableRail infill on stairs.

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