Brushes for decorative plaster techniques

From: Bon Tool Co.

Bon Tool Co. launches a line of Italian-made brushes in multiple sizes for decorative plaster techniques, such as Venetian splatter and white wash finishing. The six brush styles introduced are: American Style Flat Brush, Milano Ceiling Brush, Italian White Wash Brush, Vento Oval Brush, 2 ¼-in. Venetian Splatter Brush, and 2 ¾-in. Venetian Splatter Brush. Each brush is designed for an unique application in the wall and ceiling trades.

The American Style Flat Brush comes in sizes from 1 to 4 in. Four sizes of the Milano Ceiling Brush are available. The Italian White Wash Brush is manufactured with a wood head and threaded handle that can be removed allowing a longer handle to be applied. Available in two trim sizes, the Venetian Splatter Brush is used to create a decorative effect on faux marble finishes.

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