Wall-mount intelligent toilets


Introducing its first wall-mount NEOREST intelligent toilets, Toto’s NEOREST AC and NEOREST EW toilets have an integrated personal cleansing system with warm, aerated water; warm air dryer; heated seat; auto open/close and auto flush. Featuring the Dual-Max 3D Tornado flushing system for efficiently removing matter, debris, stains, reside and limescale, the WaterSense-labeled toilets use 1.28 gpf for solid waste and 0.9 gpf for liquid. The units can be mounted at standard or universal height, and an In-WallTank System can be concealed with access to the tank’s interior components still accessible once the dual-flush push plate is removed.

The NEOREST AC toile includes Actilight Cleansing Technology to rid the bowl of visible and invisible waste, while the NEOREST EW toilet pairs eWater+ technology with its CeFiONtect glazed surface to make the bowl fresher.

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