Lacquer Influenced Mosaics

From: Lunada Bay Tile

The centuries-old technique of Japanese lacquerware takes new form in Lunada Bay Tile’s Lacquer collection. Lacquer ceramic tiles are created with a multistep process that begins with applying random striations of color to the tiles, which are then fired at high temperatures. A clear coat is added, and the tiles are fired again to create a reflective, lustrous finish. The result is a modern approach to the art of traditional lacquerware. The Lacquer line includes two shapes: 1″x6″ rectangle and 1¾”x4″ elongated hexagon. The mosaics are available in five striated colorways: Aura features subtle grays; Moonwalk showcases darker grays; Nautical Dawn combines blue, green and lilac tones; Twilight mixes purple, blue and yellow; and Galaxy blends a range of colors.

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